NEW: Catlike´s DLUX glasses


A post about the development process of the DLUX model I designed while at Catlike, these are high end sunglasses targeted for proffesional and advanced […]

Catlike´s 2011 MPS retention

catlike retention mps final product

When landing on the back of your head in a crash, helmets have a tendency to tilt and move forward towards the forehead area, leaving […]

Catlike´s 2011 Wheel Retention


This is the 2011 Wheel retention model for Catlike.  The goal was to design a new retention with better performance, we simplified its structure to […]

Sketches etcetera

Windsurf sails

Compilation of sketches, renderings and illustrations, taken from different projects and executed with different techniques.

Gladi8R Helmet


Conceptual study for a hybrid helmet/sun-glasses, it is a 21st century version of a gladiator´s helmet.  It is ment to be used as a performance […]

Thumb Fighterz

thumbfighterz on hand

Toy based on the ancient Chinese pulse, a range of 40 characters where designed around the latin-american culture.  Each mask is customizable by a set […]

Moki Mp3 Player

Copy of mokimp3

Based on the original Ipod Shuffle this product, this low-cost mp3 player was designed for kids. We incorporated a range of characters to it to […]


The ultimate sport´s tool

Hardshell carbon backpack designed for sport activities.  I did this project on my Product Design 3 class, Its ergonomic design protects the user´s back in […]

Crazy Chicken


Do not understimate his friendly looks, the expresivity of its eyes or his carefully crafted feather-less texture, this chicken aint no ordinary chicken!  Squeeze its […]

Wasabi Helmet


Conceptual design proposal for a Ski/SnowBoard helmet with integrated goggles. This ensures better performance under rough conditions. User friendlyness, materials and details play a key […]

Airis briefcase


Women´s Laptop Briefcase



With this peculiar device you can enjoy two Lolly-Pops at the same time or bang them against each other.  This project was done in record […]